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Outtake 3, Félix

Hola a todas, este es un pequeño regalo, pensado para la Pascua del Conejo (de Resurrección para los creyentes), pero que no me aguanté de publicarlo. Espero lo disfruten y sobre todo que me cuenten qué les pareció.
Se les quiere.
Muertos o Algo Mejor 
Outtake 3
“Como los conejos…”
That girl is pretty wild now
The girl's a super freak
The kind of girl you read about
In the new wave magazines.
That girl is pretty kinky
The girl's a super freak
I'd really like to taste her
Every time we meet.
She's all right, she's all right
That girl's all right with me yeah.
She's a super freak, super freak,
She's super freaky, super freak, super freak.
Super Freak / Rick James
Bella POV
…A veces durante mi larga vida he tenido la fortuna de conocer momentos de felicidad absoluta, esos momentos inmejorables que quedarán grabados en mi mente por siempre, momentos que parecen filtrados por la luz amarilla del atardecer, y justamente así podría describir algunos momentos de mi vida compartida con Félix, sobre todo el comienzo…
Por ejemplo un día nos encontrábamos los dos en la cama, desnudos y parcialmente saciados después de hacer el amor. Yo pretendía dormir y él jugaba a matar zombies en línea con sus amigos nerds.

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Be Mine (English Translation) 19

Hello everyone! Here we have an important chapter where we will find more answers to questions that had been raised. A hug to all those who give me their opinions, to those who add me to their favorites, and to those who read.
Ah! And I haven’t say it in some time, but just  in case, nothing related to Twilight belongs to me... Everything comes from the mind of Mrs. S. Meyer, otherwise Bella would have had lots of romances with hot wolves and vamps, and Edward would have stayed a virgin forever!

Capítulo 19
Oh...I've had it up to here! I making myself clear?
I'm just a girl
I'm just a girl in the world...
That's all that you'll let me be!
I'm just a girl, living in captivity
Your rule of thumb
Makes me worry some
I'm just a girl, what's my destiny?
What I've succumbed to Is making me numb
I'm just a girl, my apologies
What I've become is so burdensome
I'm just a girl, lucky me
Twiddle-dum there's no comparison
Just a Girl / No doubt

Paul POV
Even though the Alpha gave me an order, the black-haired leech couldn´t see Bella or her captor.
And The Pack immediately blamed me, with good reason.
I couldn´t renounce her and resign myself to depositing her fate in a troop of bloodsuckers, no matter much Sam ordered it. Although physically I was forced to obey, in my interior I simply could not give up. And the pack read that is my mind and blamed me.

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Be Mine (English Translation) 18

Hello everyone!
We continue with the story and I give you answers to some of the questions you asked me in the previous chapter.
On my blog you can find the photo of Edward's jeep and the engagement ring that Paul bought for his princess.
Hugs for everyone and please don´t stop reviewing and sending me PMs., every one of those messages is treasured and validate this mission I set for myself.
All my Love.

Capítulo 18
No I don't want you anywhere near me
I don't want you anywhere near me
Get your fucking world out of my head
I don't want you anywhere near me
I don't want you anywhere near me
Get your fucking world out of my head
I don't want your "us or them"
No I don't need your "us or them"
Oh I don't want your "us or them"
I don't need your "us or them
Us or them/ The Cure

Paul POV
While waiting for Bella, a strange sensation began to seize me... It wasn´t exactly fear, but something similar to discomfort... Repulsion maybe... I thought I was getting sick to my stomach, which is ridiculous, because wolves don´t get sick at all… But 5 minutes later, I felt nothing.
The awful sensation disappeared.
And that was almost worst.
I decided to call Bella, but her cell phone didn´t responded.

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Be Mine (English Translation) 17

This chapter has me excited... I don´t want ro ruin the surprise, but here´s where things really start to go down to hell.
I dedicate this chapter to Twin68babyA who takes the time to review every time. A big hug from Chile!
Thank you all for reading and commenting.
All my Love.

Halfway to The Reservation, the engine of my truck started to fail and make strange noises, until it finally came to a complete stop.
I took my cell phone out of my pocket to call Paul so he would pick me up on his car, but at that moment the door of the cabin of my truck opened up and I saw Edward, glorious and inhuman standing beside me.
-“Hello love ... problems with the truck”?

Capítulo 17
I’ve heard you wake up cryin’ from the evils lyin’ under our bed
You say there’s no use tryin’ to protect you from the danger and dread
Though this world is made of fearsome beasts that bark and bite
We were born to put these creatures through one hell of a fight
May we feast upon the flesh of any fever that befalls you tonight.
Danger and Dread / Brown Bird

Paul POV
Since Bella told me that the bloody bloodsuckers had returned, I have not had a single moment of peace; I am torn between the anger and the desire to destroy everything in my path, and the utter despair of imagining what my life would be like if Bella decides that she wants to return to the Cullens...
But she would never do that, right? She promised... And I trust her.

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Be Mine (English Translation) 16

Hello everyone, here we have the meeting between Bella and the Cullens and between Bella and Charlie... What will happen? Don´t forget to leave me your comments.
A hug to all and enjoy the chapter.

I took a second look and my heart sank... The two young people talking to the manager were none other than Edward and Alice Cullen.
-Bella! - Alice yelled, pouncing at me.

Chapter 16
My baby don't care for shows
My baby don't care for clothes
My baby just cares for me
My baby don't care for cars and races
My baby don't care for high-tone places
I have called you children, I have called you son.
What is there to answer if I'm the only one?
Morning comes in Paradise, morning comes in light.
Still I must obey, still I must invite.
If there's anything to say, if there's anything to do,
If there's any other way, I'll do anything for you.

I was dressed embarrassment.
I was dressed in wine.
If you had a part of me, will you take you're time?
Even if I come back, even if I die
Is there some idea to replace my life?
Like a father to impress;
Like a mother's mourning dress,
If you ever make a mess, I'll do anything for you

I have called you preacher; I have called you son.
If you have a father or if you haven't one,
I'll do anything for you. I did everything for you
I wonder what's wrong with baby
My baby just cares for
Just says his prayers for
My baby just cares for me
My Baby Just Cares For Me / Nina Simone

Bella POV
-“What ... what are you doing here?” - I managed to articulate as Alice's arms wrapped around me in an incredibly tight hug for someone so small
-“Bella!” - Edward exclaimed, taking a deep breath through his nose and closing his eyes for a moment. Before I could stop him, he was hugging me and involuntarily my body responded to the familiar hug of my ex-boyfriend, (whom I thought I would never see again), hugging him back.

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Un Verano Fatal (English Translation)

I hope you´ll like this OS and this short view of Leah´s brain.
* The song for this OS is “Un verano fatal” by Christina Rosenvinge and Nacho Vegas, and It is worth looking for and listening to it although the lyrics are in Spanish.

A Fatal Summer
We don´t have to hide, someone will find us
Always doing the wrong thing is a way to get it right
The morning picks us up where the city dies
I looking for your strength
And you for my weakness
Today is hotter and you have me trapped
In your corner
Who could imagine what was going to bring us
A fatal summer.
Verano Fatal / Christina Rosenvinge y Nacho Vegas

Leah POV
I got up panting from the effort to free myself and another drop of sweat ran down the back of my nape, slid down my neck, and got lost in my back. The heat was overwhelming and a complete anomaly for the Olympic Peninsula, and my body, accustomed to the cold and the rain, was not taking well this warm wave that did nothing but confirm that the whole world was going to hell.

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Be Mine (English Translation) 15

Ok, we´re getting close to the end of this fic, so I hope that you had fun with it and that you want to share your thoughts with me.
Are you interested in another translation? I think next I´ll translate an OS featuring Leah, called “Fatal Summer” that I based on the Christina Rosenvinge song. I´ll start working in it sometime on the next few days.


Capítulo 15
I love you more than all that's on the planet
Movin', talkin', walkin', breathin'
You know it's true
Oh baby it's so funny almost don't believe it
As every voice is hangin' from the silence
Lamps are hangin' from the ceilin'
Like a lady tied to her manners
I'm tied up to this feeling.
Underneath your clothes / Shakira

 Bella POV

On Monday I woke up late... it was around 10 in the morning, and it was another day I hadn´t gone to school... But I didn´t care. I was very good at studying from home, and I seriously thought about going back to school just to present my final exams.
My future was quite uncertain considering that I couldn’t be separated from Paul, and Paul was condemned to stay in La Push indefinitely... Maybe we could attend the Community College in Port Angeles, or take courses online from home, but either way, I would have time to analyze it calmly during the summer, because I hadn´t sent applications to any decent university yet, and time was running out .

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Be Mine (English Translation) 14

Finally this crucial chapter! Is Paul really dead? Hahahahaha! You don´t know me yet, but if I keep translating my own fics you´ll find out that I like happy endings, but of course, I also like to add a bit of drama to my stories!
Thank you very much for your reviews, my favorite one was from Laurak Lilith Blackmore, who told me something like “I´ll pity you if Paul dies, because I´ll be the first one to be at your door with the Vulturi Guard to take care of you” :D How not to comply when someone ask you in such a nice way? ;-)
I hope you like this chapter, please let me know.
A huge hug, and have a good week!

-“Jake! You're Ok!” - I exclaimed, sobbing – “Thank God! What happened? Where is Paul?” - I yelled as I realized that Paul was not instantly beside me, holding me in his arms, reassuring me.
-“I'm sorry Bella... I'm sorry...” - Jake said as tears rolled down his cheeks. I stopped listening, I stopped feeling, I stopped talking. I just ran to the rest of The Pack to see how they carried the bloody and inanimate body of my Paul.

Chapter 14
Dance me to the wedding now, dance me on and on
Dance me very tenderly and dance me very long
We're both of us beneath our love, we're both of us above
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the children who are asking to be born
Dance me through the curtains that our kisses have outworn
Raise a tent of shelter now, though every thread is torn
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love / Edward Cohen
Bella POV
-“Paul! Paul!” - I yelled, recovering the control of my voice and running towards him. The skin on his bleeding arm was cold and I could feel more than see a tourniquet on his elbow – “Jake!” - I sobbed – “Is he...?” - I couldn’t say the word... if I said it, it could translate into a reality.
-“Not yet” - He answered in a broken voice – “But Bells, is serious... I'm so sorry...”
-“But he is a wolf! The wolves heal, Paul told me, I've seen it!” - I exclaimed, refusing to accept what Jacob presented me as inevitable.
-“Not this time Bells... Paul... Was bitten” - He said taking my hand in his.
-“How long ago?” -I asked, my voice now flat, trying hard to recover my rational train of thoughts.